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The version is out
I have choice ot release this version more quickly than I planned because I have do lot of bug fix and crash fix, and repport the beta to later. Debian lenny is better support, and windows vista and seven.

The version is out
Hello, the version is out, with lot of bug fix and core changing.
I have more listen the request of the user.
Bug is present, in this case: with the option "write thread" enable. The options "out at bottom" is disabled for it. Thanks to the user donates, the project required it.
Because personnal raison, the next version will out in more time, but I can finish all the bug fix, and test ultracopier in all case then switch the application to beta (which have no bug)

Bug fix general
I just released the version, it contains a lot of bug fixes, better external bug management for ultracopier. I have clean up the source code for easier maintenance.
I also fixed bugs on the site comment system.
On the forum, I am asking for recruitment for ultracopier. For specific tasks I plan to hire a freelance thanks to the donates. The donors are always welcome and all skills are searched.

Version portable is out
Hello, I have good news for you. A version portable for usb key is out.
The version have lot of bug fix.

Ultracopier with catchcopy
The version use dll make by a freelance for the project catchcopy.
Catchcopy have for target to unifie all ways to communicate with the software to do the copy on the market and provide an API simple for all people which want send order to this software.
Now it provide only windows plugin explorer, mais will be support more file explorer. The total cost is 343€ (55€ of donates, rest by my), thanks to do donates. Need 600€ for convert to kde. Total: 943€.

I had release the versions 32/64Bits for windows. Don't forget that ultracopier and catchcopy are in alpha version (not stable but actively developed)
3 years after the version is out. If you want you can integrate your community.

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